Games of Glory

Games of Glory

Gams of Glory is a innovative sci-fi themed MOBA transports players to a futuristic gladiator arena where Clones fight each other in brutal and bloody battles for the amusement and sporting entertainment of the masses. Offering heart pumping PVP battles Games of Glory focuses on strategy and teamwork as players must work together to overcome their opponent team and destroy their base whilst simultaneously protecting their own, using a variety of Clones with their own personal skills and traits to get the job done and win over the crowd in style.


- Twelve different Clones to play as with more continuously added
- Two different battle Arenas with different objectives
- Upgrade skills, traits and weapons to customize your Clone
- Exciting team focused PvP
- Free to play


The game is in many ways a traditional MOBA game using some of the features and systems many players will find familiar, particularly on the Arkashan map, including 5v5 lane pushing into the enemy base, fighting past tower defenses and earning XP and credits to increase your skills and upgrade your weapons. The actual game controls can also be set to a classic MOBA style with right mouse button movement, left mouse button attack and QWER for abilities, however players also have the option of switching to WASD movement which for many will benefit them when it comes to the run & gun style tactics where players must move and shoot at the same time to be most effective.


Players have twelve different characters they can choose from, falling into different roles: Support, Carry, Tank, Assassin and Scout, each has their own skills and plays differently. A couple of examples:

Deadball – Using a scientifically engineered ball and chain as his primary weapon, both this and his name come from the time he spent serving on an asteroid prison due to his violent history as a gang member; of the stories from his time inside it was the “accidental” strangling of another prisoner and his head being smashed in by Deadball’s ball and chain that earned him his new name

Molly – A biotech obsessive Molly has augmented her body over the years and both her and Khain Corp have invested a fortune in making her the best and most profitable Arena fighter possible. Able to set traps and even call down Satellite orbital strikes she is first and foremost a scout able to keep an eye out for her teammates


There are currently two arenas in the game for players to choose, each has its own design and objective for both teams to carry out:

Arkashan – Starting at each end of the two lane arena the objective is to get to the enemy Energy Core and destroy it, located in their base and defended by a forcefield and two turret towers. To get access to the core players must control the three Control Points on the map, each of which can be taken and retaken, that will drop the forcefield to the enemies’ base to directly attack it.

Svandia – Using the same MOBA controls the Svandia Arena is more of a team VIP deathmatch where in a 3v3 one person on each team is highlight as the Allstar and flagged up with a coloured star around their character for all to see. Kill the enemy Allstar and the team will win the round, the first to win five rounds will win the game.


Each Clone has 4 skills that they will progressively unlock and upgrade throughout the course of a battle, whether damage, crowd control or other utility powers they all work independently of whatever weapon the player is using. In the games there are no Melee or Ranged only combatants, all are able to use blades and projectiles and switch between them freely or should they run out of ammo. When in the team base players are able to purchase a variety of weapons using the credits earned in battle from Minions or taking control of the Bonus Points, the weapons tree is broken down into a hierarchy where players must purchase lower tier pre-requisite weapons and then upgrade to improve versions as the game goes on.


GENRE: Free to play MOBA
DEVELOPER: Lightbulb Crew


O/S: Windows XP or higher
CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
Video: dx9 (shader model 2.0)
DirectX Version: 9.0


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  1. kero December 17, 2017 at 9:39 PM -

    Game development discontinued. “Staying online but will not be updated with new content.” Moving on to new projects.

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