Frost Wars

Developer: Lantern
Platform: multiple (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)


Frost Wars: The Rise of Fatty Sparkles is a free-to-play turn-based strategy MMO built for core gamers, focusing on cross-platform player vs. player combat. As Lantern cherishes the idea of community-designed gaming, the players serve as the game’s designers and constructors, sharing ideas and voting on what to add next.

The game is still in its alpha state but already features several unique game modes as well as a vast array of specialised squads and weaponry for players to battle it out.


The chaos begins as Toxi Co., an international mega-corporation, travels to the Arctic in search of the purest ice on earth. Their drilling accidentally unleashes a mysterious sticky substance that mutates the native animals, triggering a war for survival between the native Eskimos and Toxi Co.’s workaday employees – a war that’s masterminded by an arms-dealing polar bear named Fatty Sparkles.


- Strategy on the player’s schedule: a single turn or entire battles
- Single and 2-4 multiplayer options
- Epic heroes, custom squads and a huge variety of weapons
- Immersive maps
- Weekly tournaments
- Browser-based cross-platform experience
- Completely free-to-play


The developers are soliciting ideas from players in order to guide and influence the game’s development without being censored and free from corporate influence. Actually, the players are the game designers, sharing ideas, debating, and voting. The best ideas go into the game to be playtested and refined by everyone within the community.


The game allows players to build their own fighting style with custom squads, made up of riflemen, grenadiers, rocketeers, spies, commandos, tanks, planes, and more. Using an armoury full of dangerous elemental weapons, they can customise their squads to fit their play style. Players will be able to personalise them even more with vanity gear and custom bases.
Whatever their play style, from chaotic pyromania to toxic terror, mastering the elements brings more personality and depth to the player’s combat tactics.


Almost endless challenges await with several different game modes for players to select, including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Anarchy Mode, and more.

Additionally, Frost Wars enables players to choose between two ways to play the game:

Speed Play
In this synchronous game mode up to four friends or random opponents join together to battle it out in one fast-paced sitting of 10-20 minutes length.

Extended Play
This asynchronous game mode for 2-4 players offers a more relaxed style of play spread over several days, allowing multiple battles to be fought at the same time.


Frost Wars will feature a variety of immersive maps, ranging from collapsing ice bergs, to the tops of Arctic mountains, to ancient temples hidden deep under ground. Each map is supposed to deliver unique strategic challenges and gameplay elements.


The game will host weekly tournaments allowing players to compete against the best of the best in order to win fortune and fame, with real cash prizes every week.




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