GENRE: Free to play MMORPG


A free to play fantasy meets maritime MMORPG with cute 3D anime graphics, players will create their own legends as they adventure across sea and land in PVE quest focused content and PVP features.


- Four available classes (specialize into a total of 12 classes)
- Dual-Battle feature: level up land and sea skills and abilities
- Five available ship types
- Quest PVE and challenging Dungeons
- PVP combat
- Free to play


Florensia Online offers a simple free to play MMORPG with a fantasy theme, players will focus on building up their character by taking on and completing quests; acquiring new gear, new skills and unlocking new features and areas as they advance. The game offers plenty of solo play content but also encourages the creation of Guilds to take part in more challenging PVE encounters as well as offering PVP to those who are interested.


There are four basic classes available in the game to choose from:

Explorer – Focusing on using ranged weapons such as dual guns and rifles, they have swift movement, as well as having competency with a sword; when they reach level 40 they have the option to specialise as an Excavator and focus on their exploration around the world, or a Sniper and hone their combat skills

Mercenary – Stoic fighters that lead their companions, they can force their enemies to focus their attacks on them and lend their courage and strength to their allies; using two-handed swords or one-handed swords and a shield they can focus on becoming a Guardian Swordsman or Gladiator at level 40

Noble – Magic practitioners whose abilities have been passed down from ancient times, their prowess in the arcane arts marks them as true aristocrats; Nobles us sharp Rapiers or magical Cariads in combat, which lends to their specialization at level 40 as either a Magic Knight or Court Magician

Saint – One with nature they turn to the voices of the spirits and their energy to heal their companions; using daggers and magical Cariads, they focus on being a more primal Shaman or a holy Priest to focus on their differing support abilities


Players have the ability to switch between different weapons in land combat with the click of a button, different weapons have different skills that can be unlocked and giving players the chance to upgrade them in the talent tree. Once a skill has been learned it can be dragged onto the player’s hotbar and activated with the number keys to provide extra damage, effects and more, which use up the player’s mana.

When at sea players control their own boat, using the same WASD keys to move around and can aim their broadside and forward cannons with the mouse shooting in their firing arc. As with characters players can spend their skill points to upgrade their ship skills and equip their hotkey bar with specific ship skills for when they come aboard.


There are currently five styles of ships in the game, coming in two different sizes:

Armored Ship – These huge steel-plated ironclads boast high defenses and do well in face to face combat as the front line to any fleet, even using a mounted ram to crash into opponents

Assault Ship – Specializing with melee damage it uses it cannons or rams the enemy, only with its agility the Assault ship must get in, deal damage, and get straight back out with its hit and run tactics

Big Gun Ship – Focusing on high ranged attacks it attacks opponents from a distance as well as dealing area of attacks on opponents, able to annihilate enemies without getting into too much trouble themselves

Maintenance Ship – Able to repair the other ships in its fleet, buffing their abilities, this ship can also play an offensive role by planting mines in the water to slow down enemies

Torpedo Ship – A balanced ship defensively and offensively, but its high speeds make it excel at keeping out of range and dodging enemy attacks whilst launching its own front firing torpedoes


O/S: Windows XP or higher
CPU: Pentium 4 1.3GHz
RAM: 512MB
Video: Supports DirectX 9 or above
DirectX Version: 9


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