Fallen Earth

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: Reloaded Productions


This F2P MMORPG is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland that centres on the areas around the Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States. This First Person/Third Person hybrid is an open sandbox with in-depth customization of weapons, gear, vehicles, a fleshed out crafting system and involved PvP and territory combat features.


-          Post-apocalyptic setting

-          No zone restrictions, players have free exploration of the entire game world

-          Classless skill based system

-          Vehicles and mounts

-          In-depth character creation


A land ravaged by the infectious “Shiva Virus” that spread easily and quickly, highly contagious by the time authorities knew about its outbreak it was too late; its origins were from India or Pakistan and its effects made infected victims muscles contract like they were dancing, reminding some of the multi-armed Hindu god Shiva, which is where the virus got its name.

The outbreak of the virus is soon followed up by the outbreak of nuclear war, brought on from accusations of who engineered the virus, and death and destruction happens on a global scale and huge portions of the world are irradiated wastelands. They called it the Fall.

What remains are the Hoover Dam Garrison and the Grand Canyon Province, it is 2062 and the world and civilization are former shadows of what they were a decade ago. The nukes twisted the world into a new version of itself, and the radiation storms and mutated wildlife aren’t even the worst of it in this bloody unforgiving land.


There are no classes within Fallen Earth and instead players can train up various skills to create their own functional classes, mixing between Stats, Active Skills, Mutations and Tradeskills, each of which are needed in some measure in order to survive.

Stats: The twelve major groups that determine physical prowess, mental dexterity, extra-sensory abilities and more.

Active Skills: Special abilities used to give temporary powers, each of which having a minimum level requirement. As often as not these are best used in combat and will give players an advantage when up against tough enemies or at least helping them survive.

Mutations: Either the radiation fallout or the Shiva Virus has had subtle changes on the genealogy of the world’s survivors and many now display abnormal abilities. Mutations are either “Augmentation”, “Restoration” or “Destruction” types and use up Gamma to perform.

Tradeskills: The ability to craft, scavenge and fix all manner of surviving machinery in the wastes, the quality of your gear can often be the difference between life and death; being able to create your own pistol and bullets can be a god send. However, the act of being able to construct an item does not necessarily mean a player can use it themselves without the necessary skills.


Players are able to fight in open-world PvP when they join a faction and fight for Territory Control in a 6 way battle fighting for flag control points. Take control of important “keeps” that will give bonus perks to the faction including access to unique gear and also anyone controlling a point can place a harvester in the area to gain resources.

Once a control point is taken the faction has 60mins of immunity before their rivals can once again try to take it from them, adding a large element of tactics, strategy and organization to the fight.


 From armor and weapons to vehicles there is lots of gear and customization available in Fallen Earth, which can either be looted, purchased or crafted by players. Players are able to utilize melee weapons and ranged, both short range shotguns and pistols to long range rifles. One of the key components about any gear is its weight, which will add to the “noise” you make when moving and ultimately makes it harder for you to be stealthy around enemies who will hear you coming.

Players can craft their own vehicles, from motorcycles to jeeps, each vehicle has its own stats and abilities with things like ability to drive over terrain, storage capacity, gasoline consumption and whether or not you can fire your weapon from the vehicle! Some vehicles take a long time to acquire and weeks of research of crafting.


Operating System: Win XP SP3, Win Vista SP1, Win 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8ghz
RAM: 256MB
Hard Drive Space: 10GB
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 6600, ATI Radeon X1300
DirectX Version: 9.0c (XP) or 10 (Vista)




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