Fallen Earth videos

  • Fallen Earth launches Global Territory Control
  • GamersFirst just implemented a major update for the post apocalyptic Free2Play online sandbox game Fallen Earth today. Titled Global Territory Control, the update introduces a large amount of new game content, new territory and many improvements.The highlight of the 2.4 Global Territory Control...
  • Fallen Earth is giving away 1000 Death’s Head Gasmask
  • GamersFirst with F2P.com is giving away a special Gasmask, Death's Head Gasmask, Fellow Wastelanders will fear the reaper when they see you strolling around in this menacing yet functional gasmask for Fallen Earth.To get your Death's Head Gasmask go to Fallen Earth create a account or login...
  • Fallen Earth sets patch 1.8 this march and shows 8 screenshots
  • Eight screenshots from patch 1.8 of Fallen Earth set to release in March 2011


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