Empire Universe 2

Empire Universe 2

Genre: Free to play MMO Strategy Management
Platform: Internet Browser
Developed By: Looki Games


In Empire Universe II you manage the resources and army of your own planet, playing as one of nine available races, each with their own unique statistics and starting position within the known galaxy. The aim of the game is a battle for resources and planetary domination as you fly across the stars, make alliances with other players and bring conquest to the weak as you take over their planets and adopt them into your own fledgling Empire

Main Features

- 3-D space graphics using javascript, a world first for games of this type
- Battles occur in real time and feature battle reports that are fully interactive
- 10 available resources to fight for
- Conquer planets across the galaxy
- Extensive ship building and customisation
- Tech tree featuring 146 technologies
- Team play is strongly encouraged with the use of alliances
- Form your own Empire with other players
- Diplomacy, bounty hunting, piracy; everything is on the table
- Embark in a challenging solo campaign

Ships and Technology
With a tech tree consisting of 146 technologies that can be researched players must consider their short-term needs whilst making plans for the long term big picture as their empire expands. Researching new techs will, among other things, open up available ship components which can be used to assemble your mighty fleet.

With 21 available spaceship chassis players are able to further customise them modularly with over 66 available components, as well as deconstructing and upgrading ships, giving rise to a level of experimentation and modification to suit the needs of not only your Empire but also your style of play.

Playable Races
There are nine available races that players can choose from, each with their own location in the galaxy, back story, motivations, benefits and weaknesses making each of them unique in their own right. The available races are: Cyborgs, Humans, Jamozoids, Magumians, Mosorians, Plentropian, Ozoids, Weganians and Zuups.

Forming an Empire
players are encouraged to not go at it alone in this dangerous galaxy and salt like-minded individuals can team up together and form an Empire, or alternatively join one of the hundreds that already exist. Together greater things can be accomplished, be that creating a great trade network focusing on the annihilation of your enemy in a galactic crusade as you travel to over 10,000 sectors that host the hundred and 120,000 planets that the game boasts that are ripe for the taking.

New Players
New players are able to benefit from a grace period where they are untouchable and cannot be raided for 30 days, giving them the chance to learn the ropes and start establishing the necessary functions of the planet as well as building up the beginnings of their own fleet.

Once these 30 days are over this “noob protection” ends, however they retain “bashing protection” until they have reached 250,000 points.

Vacation Mode
If players are in active for over 30 days than their account will be deleted, email reminders will be sent out warning of the process before it happens, however premium players will never lose their accounts by going idle.

System Requirement

Internet Connections and Browser


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