Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon Hunter

A free to play fantasy based MMORPG Dragomon Hunter has players assuming the career as a brave Dragomon Hunter, an adventurer in the world of Wyveria who seeks out the legendary Dragomon, creatures of all sizes and shapes that are scattered across the world. With elements of crafting, exploration, PVP and PVE the game is a fully feature MMORPG suitable for all age groups and offering a fun, story-driven epic to be discovered.


  • Discover over 100 different Dragomon

  • Defeat and tame these creature and make them your own pets

  • Battle alongside your Dragomon and ride them as a mount

  • Four available classes

  • PVE and PVP content

  • In depth crafting

  • Free to play


At its core Dragomon Hunter is a colourful sandbox MMORPG geared towards a younger audience based on the style of game and the bright “chibi” style graphics, but the game can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The primary activities in the game revolve around tracking down and hunting Dragomon, epic creatures with their own abilities and combat style that players can find, collect and acquire powerful loot from. Mainly players are able to ride around on any Dragomon that they acquire, even the ability to fly if they have earned a flying Dragomon. The game has elements of PVP from the early levels, and PVE and questing throughout, with many challenges requiring multiple players in a hunting group to overcome them.


The game has four different classes for players to choose from:

  • Mercenary – a formidable front line fighter, equipped with heavy armor and a huge battleaxe or greatsword, this melee combatant is able to deal out lots of damage to opponents as well as take their fair share of hits

  • Scout – capable of using either melee or ranged attacks, up close the Scout using twin blades to slice and dice enemies, but from a distance prefer their reliable rifle to deal some long range damage from safety

  • Cleric – when either they or their allies are hurt in battle the Cleric can call on their magic to bestow powerful healing spells upon their target and bringing them back to good health; in a fight they can quickly turn to their hammer to fight

  • Mage – a true magic wielder that can harness and control the elemental forces, shaping them into devastating blizzards and rains of fire to bring down upon their foes, none are so deadly and so fearsome as the Mage

Players are able to customize their character skills with individual skill points earned whilst levelling up, players have three masteries per skill that they choose to advance or add extra benefits to the skill like applying stun damage.


The name of the game is to find, track down and capture the over one hundred Dragomon that exist in the world, whether large of small, timid or fierce, Dragomon that walk, swim or fly, each comes from their own unique environment and has their own skills. To outsmart a Dragomon players will have to first examine its behaviour and then make plans and set traps accordingly to take it down. Defeating a Dragomon not only provides a fun challenge, rewards players with valuable loot, but also enables the player to capture and tame the Dragomon for themselves, adding the creature to a personal collection where they can summon it to fight alongside them or be used as a mount as they travel the realm.


With each Dragmon comes a unique Dragem, a special item that is dropped from each particular Dragomon that is a necessary key ingredient for crafting many valuable armors and weapons; the more powerful the item that is being crafted then the rarer the required dragem, which means defeating some of the most powerful Dragomon in the game to retrieve it. Being properly equipped for battle against certain Dragomon is a necessity, choosing the right weapon for the fight, using a weapon that is too weak will have no effect on certain Dragomon and result in a very short life span for the Hunter!

GENRE: Free to play MMO RPG




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