Crusaders of Solaria

Crusaders of Solaria is a free to play browser-based MMORPG side scrolling hero brawler where players can create their own character, adventure across a unique high fantasy world and fight against challenging and deadly creatures through a variety of different features either playing solo or with their friends. Players work towards improving their character through a variety of different methods, playing through the multitude of PVE features and becoming more powerful over time.


- Choose from two classes: the Knight and the Mage
- Specialise into one of two different subclasses
- Take on challenging dungeons solo or with friends
- Go head-to-head against other players in the Arena
- Acquire gear, weapons, mercenaries and other upgrades to improve your character
- Create or join a Guild and make new friends
- Browser-based gameplay with no client download
- Completely free to play


The game primarily revolves around players working to improve their hero character, done by taking part in many of the games events and features that will yield XP to level up or rewards to purchase new items in the various stores. The higher quality gear a player has the higher their level the higher their overall Battle Rating, which is a direct representation of how powerful the player is in comparison to their peers. The game can be played solo but much of the later game content focuses on party/Guild based gameplay and competitive PVP in the Arena.


The game has two different classes to choose from, each having its own dual subclasses:

The Knight - strong in melee the Knight is a bastion of defence with their high endurance and strength they use both a sword and shield when confronting their enemies and focus on charging around the battlefield is a frontline soldier.

Subclass: Chaos Knight - able to momentarily harness their own wild potential that is carefully locked away inside their fury forgoes their typical defences and focuses purely on being an offensive combatant.

Subclass: Paladin - the very opposite of the Chaos Knight the Paladin utilises his huge shield and heavy armour to improve his defences and harnesses divine power from the gods to heal allies and smite enemies.

The Mage - a powerful ranged combatants few can match the devastating awesomeness of the Mage, a master of the elements who has learned to use them destructively, but there low armour and fragile physique makes them vulnerable in close quarters.

Subclass: Frost Mage - mastering dominance over ice and cold the Frost mage is a chilling sight on the battlefield able to freeze their opponents in place, laydown icy traps and summon devastating blizzards.

Subclass: Shadow Mage - shunned by many these practitioners of dark magic and able to clone a mirror of themselves in battle and focus on using their black hole attack to suck enemies into the abyss.


The majority of the content in the game is PVE focused, with daily quests, various dungeons that can be tackled on either normal or Elite mode either on your own or with a party as well as the Proving Grounds where players must fight a unique powerful Boss every five levels. There are also unique Hot Events that happen at specific times during the day such as fighting the Griffin or Kraken world bosses as players unite to deal damage and try to kill these creatures, the player dealing the most damage reaping extra rewards.


The Arena is the main place for players to try out PVP and go up against other real-world players in a battle of strategy, tactics and ultimately gear. Players are able to challenge each other within the Arena, examining their potential opponents and weighing up their Battle Rating and equipped items to see if they are worth the fight. If a player challenges and successfully defeat a higher ranked opponent then they will assume that persons rank and also gain Honour points that can be spent in the shop to acquire even more powerful and rare gear to equip onto their character making them even stronger.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG

PLATFORM: Web Browser




Web Browser




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