Genre: Free to play Third Person MMO Shooter
Platform: Windows
Developer: Vogster Entertainment


Set during the not too distant future in a dark and gritty city after the collapse of society following day devastating ecological catastrophe that has brought the world to its knees, this free to play third person shooter with classic MMO features is about one thing and one thing only: survival. Quickly learn the ropes as a streetwise thug, start up your own gang or align yourself with like-minded survivors, build up your reputation and kill off your rivals.


The United States stock-market crash on what is forever remembered as “The Last Black Friday” marked the downward spiral of society as the economic crisis people poor, homeless and starving. With failed efforts by the US government to deal with the situation the people to matters into their own hands as citizens nationwide turn to protests, rioting and acts of violent crime until the federal government collapsed under the pressure and economic collapse.

From the ashes of society roles powerful warlords, claiming the territory for themselves and taking control of what was left of the country, unopposed save from local government and law enforcement. Pockets of isolated safe zones were formed, huge walls erected to keep out the denizens and criminal element that now plagued the country, and whilst these areas offered a safe haven beyond the walls of the world slowly burned.


There are a number of different PVP modes available in the game:

Turf war: here two teams fight against each other trying to control five points on a map, claimed by interacting with a control point. Each team starts with their home point and must capture the points between each other’s base; the first team to capture five points wins.

Snatch n’ Grab: the two teams fight each other in a classic capture the flag’s game, recover the enemies flag from their base and return it to your own to gain points. The team with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Robbery: each team has a safe with 100k in it that the other team must try to steal by entering their base and standing on an interactive point and the longer they stand there the more money they will pick up. However, the robber must still get back to their own base to claim the money and are hindered in their movement. The team that steals all their opponents’ money first wins or whoever has more money remaining once the time is up.

Shootout: classic team death match where players must get as many kills as possible before the game time is up, the team with the most kills at the end is a winner.

Riot: stand-alone death match where it is every man for themselves, kill as many people as possible before the game ends, the person with the most points wins.


There are two PVE modes in the game that players can play:

Safeguard: a team of players must defend and weapon cache as wave after wave of enemy NPC’s attack them. The weapon cache a has its own hit points and so players must defend it at all costs and survive until the game time is up, though this task is made even harder as the waves grow progressively stronger.

Stockpile: players must head out into enemy territory to recover needed supplies that have been taken enemy NPC’s. In this game is every man for themselves and players do not fight against each other and any crates returned to the city have a chance of giving the player in valuable item.

Boosters and Medicines

In combat sometimes it is only a matter of managing to survive long enough when luck does not seem to be on your side, consumable medicines and boosters that can recover your health and buff your stats are just the ticket to help when your back is against the wall.


Once your own gang reaches level 3 are able to create a gang hideout that acts as a personal area where your own gang can hideout as they get themselves ready for the next battle. These areas can be decorated with personal trophies that are earned during your battle is as well as benders to perform new services and top end crafting areas made available to the best gangs.

Payment options

Players can play the game with access to most of the features for free or switch their account over to a subscription-based account which, depending on the subscription type selected, will unlock various features. Subscriptions are monthly and come in a Standard or Premium model, with the majority of features being accessible on the Standard subscription and the Premium being focused more on those hard-core players that want to get the most out of the game.

System Requirement

Operating System: Win XP / Win Vista
Processor: Pentium 1.6Ghz
Memory: 1024MB RAM
Hard Drive Space: 5.5GB
Graphics: Radeon X1600 or GeForce 7600




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