The Crew

PLATFORM: Windows / Console


The Crew is a high octane adrenaline pumping next gen action driving MMO that allows players to full explore the US in an open world sandbox environment driving as fast and as reckless as they desire. Players compete against each other to move up the ranks of the 510s, this a large gang that originated from the illegal street races of Detroit.


  • Fast Cars

  • Fast missions

  • Exciting team based gameplay

  • Compete against other players

  • Tune your vehicles to make them fit for the job


The core of the game is taking on missions and driving at breakneck speeds through all manner of urban and rural environments or cruising around Miami Beach just to show off your pimped out ride in a more sandbox style game. Every location that players can visit has of new variety of driving challenges that they can try to master and meet a whole spectrum of player drivers along the way, some that you may wish to join up with and form a crew or as rivals who are only worthy of eating your dust.

Strong elements of cooperative gameplay players are encouraged to build up their four-man crew and work together to beat the various challenges that they will encounter. With the ability to jump in and out of one of those games that well players can work together through the cinematic missions trying to take down rival driver on Las Vegas Strip or sprint through downtown Chicago trying to evade police patrols.


Players will have the entirety of the United States as their own personal racetrack, with thousands of square miles to drive through switching from city and suburban areas to more rural mountain peaks and deserts. Driving from County County, crossing the states players can explore a recreated version of the US seamlessly, each locale having exciting missions and challenges just waiting to be discovered from chasing down targets, invading your pursuers, beating the time trial mission and more in cinematic racing style.


Drivers are able to pimp their ride in a whole host of different ways, changing everything from car parts to enhance performance or cosmetic changes to give it the look and feel you want:

  • Full Stock – The basic model players will receive is a car that is a blank canvas awaiting your modifications.

  • Street - Tweak some components to convert it into a street option, a simple ride with a few changes to give it some extra oomph

  • Dirt - Kitted out with roll bars, operated suspension, sump guards and more to make it an ideal car to rip up dirt tracks and desert.

  • Raid - Need to use your ride for a job then consider adding bull bars, long travel shocks, full bash guard and the rest to smash down whatever stands in its way

  • Performance – Built to compete everything is done to make this car as fast and furious as possible, it’s lightweight and quick off the starting line

  • Circuit – Built for the racetrack and most definitely not road legal, its super wide rims, racing slicks and wind tunnel aero package makes this car ideal for races


There are a variety of mission types players can typically get involved in with their crew:

  • Go To - long distance journeys will very little time to get the, the aim is to get from one location to another before the time runs out

  • Collect - hear drivers must pick up key items that are scattered all across the map as fast as possible before the timer finishes counting down

  • Get Away - your pursuers have one sole intent; to bring you down, use every trick in the book that you own to escape your pursuers that will follow you in helicopters, off-road vehicles and set up roadblocks to try and catch you turn your car into a wreck

  • Follow - either following one of your companions to reach your next hideout or tailing rival target who will no doubt try to shake you on every corner and using evasive manoeuvres and breakneck speeds to get away

  • Take Down - News your car as though it was a battering ram, smashing into your target and rendering them in mobile before the time runs out before they managed to lose you

  • Outrun - another race against the clock getting from location to location only this time drivers must pass through various checkpoints to put a few extra seconds on the clock

  • Race - with races all across the continent, from city street races, off-road rallies players will have to tune their cars to their best performance depending on the terrain they have to race on


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  1. blackblacki October 23, 2014 at 8:39 PM -

    this game is not F2p -.-

  2. hulksta87 April 8, 2015 at 7:43 PM -

    its a 2 hour trial for xbox 1 or ps4

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