Copia F2P Browser MMO Strategy Game


Copia is a browser based free to play MMO team building RPG in which players must gather companions and build a powerful group capable of completing stage based instances. They also must equip them with items and gear and improve their Combat rating in order to tackle more challenging PVE encounters and face off against other players in Arena based ranked PVP.


- Four classes to choose from
- Dozens of recruitable companions
- Instanced based combat
- Strategic battles with a unique elemental system
- Boss battles and world events
- Arena PVP for ranked battles
- Free to play
- Browser MMO

Copia Free2Play MMO RPG Browser Game Copia Free2Play MMO RPG Browser Game


Twenty years ago the demons from the Netherworld were defeated in battle by an ancient relic that was discovered by the humans, the demons were cast from the realm of Landea and the world returned to peace and prosperity. Now the legions assemble once more and have returned to the land to conquer it once and for all, but the prophecy of the King speaks of one who will reclaim the ancient relic and defeat the demons once more.


The core of the game is to build up a powerful team of companion NPCs, collectible characters with their own abilities and stats that can be assembles into a battle formation alongside the player’s own character and used to fight against all types of PVE and PVP battles. Unlocking various features and completing events players will be able to improve their characters in various ways such as enhancing and evolving them, arming them with equipment, upgrading their skills, and much more. The game relies on an auto-AFK combat system with an “Element Attribute” mechanic, and players will complete PVE instanced stages to advance the storyline.


When creating their first character players can choose from four key classes:

Warrior – A stoic martial combatant the Warrior is renowned for their high health pool and strong defences making them a capable leader and front line fighter

Mage – Prefer to fight at range the Mage harnesses magical spells and causes devastation on the battlefield with area based attacks

Archer – Focusing on a single target they use their bow to deal high amount of damage quickly and use their improved agility to dodge attacks

Destroyer – This machine meets magic dwarven construction is armed with various cannons that can obliterate opponents from a distance and strikes fear into the enemy


Each character (except the main player hero) has an element assigned to them that determines which other opponents/elements they are strong or weak against, with four elements available (Wind, Earth, Water and Fire) they all have one element that they deal 20% extra damage to, one they 10% damage to, one they deal no extra damage to, and one they deal -10% damage to.


The acquired companion characters can all be placed in a 3 by 3 formation, with particular classes only able to go on a specific row, and players able to choose five other companions to fight alongside their own hero. The position of a companion in the formation will generally determine which positions they will attack on the enemy team’s formation and so adds an element of strategy to not only choosing which companions to fight with, which ones work well together, but which is the best position for them to fight in.

Combat typically happens in waves, with various fights against different enemies where the player must kill the enemy leader (likewise if the player’s own hero character is killed in battle then they lose). In between each battle wave players can choose to switch their characters around in their formation and even remove those who are heavily injured to heal them through the next battle wave.

Combat is automated and characters’ basic attacks happen automatically once battle has begun, as well as this there are four elemental magic spells that are built up through a battle that the fairy companion can cast on the enemy, which also build points towards summoning a Mythical Beast to fight as an ally for one round. All these abilities or triggered automatically during normal combat, but when fighting against a Boss players have full control over when these types of spells are activated.

GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Web Browser

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