Brick Force


EXE Games


Windows and Web Browser


In Brick-Force players are able to build their own maps Brick by brick in this fast-paced free to play sandbox shooter built with the Unity 3D engine. Mac creators can share their creations with the communities to use as PVP battle maps or in exciting PVP modes.

Brick Force can be played in your web browser or by downloading a game client, with future intentions to bring the title to both android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

Main Features

  • Free to Play

  • Simple Build features enable quick map creation

  • Share Maps between friends and with the community

  • Different Combat Modes: Diffusion, Build and Destroy, Capture the Flag, Death Match and Team Deathmatch

  • Future Features Include ”Defense ” PVP mode and mobile versions of the game

  • With Regular updates added the game remains fresh with the stream of new themes such as Western and Sci-Fi which bring with them new items and a brick designs

  • Available on PC, Mac and Web browser platforms


The Game Modes

Build Mode - here players are able to take on the role of level designer with full tools available to create the maps that they want to play on. By placing items towers, spawn points and more there are a range of different items and block designs available for players to capture the style they are after. Creators can then share their maps with friends and the community who can then rates them after playing on them, intern for doing a good job these ratings turn into in game currency rewards, high ratings equal high rewards.

Play Mode

the Place side of the game is more action orientated and using the player created maps the community can utilise these and play a number of different team-based shooter games. With a selection of classic shooter moulds such as sole low and team death match, capture the flag, build and destroy, players not only battle against the challenges made by the map creator but against each other as they compete on the leaderboard to increase their rank and gain achievements in doing so. Gear such as weapons, armour and accessories are available to players to equip their characters in preparation for facing a maps challenges either so low or as part of a group.

System Requirements

Client version: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
Browser version: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS X, iOS and Android mobile devices.
Browsers supported: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.


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