Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

GENRE: Martial Arts MMORPG


Blade & Soul is an Asian martial arts adventure MMORPG set in a world crafted from myths and legends where players will embark on an epic journey of self-discovery, intense training and revenge! It is a story of good versus evil, of warring factions and gods and the journey of bringing honour to your clan.


-          Exciting martial arts themed PVE and PVP
-          Four unique races to choose from
-          Six available classes offering different styles of play
-          Explore and adventure across a war-torn beautifully designed world
-          Exciting and action packed combat


Blade & Soul is primarily a PVE game where players will take on quests and fight against enemy AI, however players have the option of flagging themselves in combat and fighting for their chosen faction.


Peace has lasted for near thousand years and as the glory of the Stratus Empire slowly fades the new Wind Empire is on the rise with plans to finish this ancient dynasty once and for all and unite the four continents under their new vision, ruling by strength, order and military might. As the people fight among themselves a more sinister potential ruler grows in power, occupied eyes averted from their evil schemes, the Darksiders ready themselves to take over the world itself through the efforts of the nefarious Jin Seoyeon.

Heroes will rise and fall, taking their side amond the Martial Alliance to save what remains of the peace instilled by the Stratus Empire, or fight with the Hongcheon Doctrine rebels in their battle against oppression or focus on stopping Jin Seoyeon’s evil plans.


There are four playable races of which to choose from:

Gon - these mighty and ferocious people are distrusted by many and equally feared, though to an ally they are fiercely loyal. The progeny of ancient Dragons the Gon may focus is a disciplined kung fu master or embrace their ferocious ancestry and follow the path of a Destroyer.

Jin - embodying the very spirit of the Black Tortoise the Jin for a wise and curious race and a varied people giving them the ability to specialise in a wider selection of classes including the Assassin, Blademaster or Kung Fu Master.

Kun - a mysterious race who are naturally beautiful and graceful due to their mighty Phoenix, this all-female populous prefer the natural world over civilised Urban living. They focus primarily on being Blade Masters but their ancestry has enabled them to control the elements as a Force Master.

Lyn - though appearing harmless and cute this highly tuned race are natural survivors able to see and speak with the spirits themselves, due to this they have the unique ability to train up as Summoner’s, but some still prefer the natural elements and train as Force Masters.


There are six available classes to play as, each restricted to a particular race:

Assassin - lightning fast and using daggers and stealth as well as their dextrous mobility their able to move in swiftly, strike at their enemies and move out before their opponent knows what hit them.

Blademaster - skilled with a sword this front line soldier has a strong balance of defence and offence as well as minimal ranged attacks making them an all-round proficient combatant.

Destroyer - these huge heavy fighters wield a mighty axe and can deliver devastating attacks as well as absorbing enemy damage, they are deadly against both individuals and groups of opponents.

Force Master - focusing primarily on ranged attacks and defense they have harnessed the elemental powers and can call upon ice to freeze their enemies or fire to burn them where they stand.

Kung Fu Master - armed with signature gauntlets these hand-to-hand specialists can deal swift damage but there greatest strength is their indomitable defence.

Summoner - Summoners are able to call upon the spirits and powers of nature to attack their enemies from a distance whilst their pets move in to take an enemy down.


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  1. Reiji December 11, 2014 at 7:36 PM -

    This game will never be released in NA. It has been years and years with not even a word about it. Though, it is Nexon.. We all know how they are..

  2. blahblu March 30, 2015 at 4:18 AM -

    One its by NC Soft and not Nexon. but you are right, this game will never come to America.

  3. Choco August 19, 2015 at 3:55 AM -

    yet i see the founders pack out for purchase :3

    Rekt# ?

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