Black Gold Online

Developer: Mental Games
Platform: Client


Black Gold Online is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG that also features cross-genre gameplay, including both first-person (FPS) and third-person shooter (TPS) elements. Inspired by the myths and fairytales throughout Northern Europe, it combines the magic-filled world of fantasy with the mechanised, gothic world of steampunk where players will be able to trigger more than 3,000 dynamic events and actions that can change the game world. Additionally, characters will have the ability to change forms and drive giant armoured mechs in combat, creating a variety of fun and different encounters for both PvE and PvP experiences.


In a vivid world where innovative Victorian steampunk clashes with traditional high fantasy, the discovery of a mysterious energy source sparked an ever-raging conflict between two belligerent factions. While one side forges the energy into steam tech, engineering the fires of industry and gearing the machines of war, the other seeks to manipulate it, empowering their arts of healing and sorcery. The two feuding alignments fight over the 300 square kilometre continent of Montel using amphibious assaults, airpower and steam technology, only to be countered with powerful wizardry and a full range of spells.


a gigantic, fully immersive 3D world
diverse line-up of races and classes
cross-genre gameplay combing RPG, FPS and TPS elements
limitless combat system offering multi-dimensional warfare
player actions affect the entire world
originally developed Flexi Engine allowing for both first-person and third-person perspective gameplay
completely free-to-play


The giant continent of Montel is divided in half by a range of nearly impassable mountains. One side is occupied by the Kingdom of Isenhorst, an alliance comprised of dwarves, humans, and vampires, the other by the Erlandirs, a union of Koshites, Yutonians, and shapeshifters.


Black Gold offers six races to choose from:

The Buvontians are humans originating from the western part of the continent. Giving up the old ways of worship, they followed a dwarven adventurer to Isenhorst to pursue technology.

An optimistic yet stubborn race, the history of the Lokemean Dwarves is filled with individuals forsaking the gods for science and technology. Their energetic focus led to the development of the world’s most advanced steam technologies.

Affected by the Kosh’s Curse of Blood, some humans were transformed into something different. This new race became known as the Erlongdian vampires.

The Sun God-worshipping Kosh are the rulers of the western continent. They harness the power of the elements granted by the Sun God.

(More information about this race will come.)

(More information about this race will come.)


The game will feature a total of six distinct classes that are faction-bound. While the Isenhorst faction offers the Inquisitor, Mystic, and Tech Adept, the Erlandir Union presents the Demon Hunter, Elementalist, and Alchemist.


Black Gold mainly focuses on large-scale team battles and will offer open world PvP between the two factions, where players can directly attack each other without warning, as well as many large-scale world events involving team PvP, such as town sieges and the Energy Well, which may turn a whole map into a battlefield.

Aside from that, there will also be arenas to create a more 'fair' PvP environment for players to prove their skills.


There are three types of battle vehicles: Air, land, and water. As for the number, there are currently 32 total battle vehicles; 18 are personal battle vehicles while 14 are specifically for use in the game’s Energy Well battle. Battle vehicles can only be used in the open world, but not in dungeons, battlefields, and arenas.




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