Age of Wushu

Genre: Free to play martial arts this MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developed By: Snail Games

In this free to play martial arts themed MMORPG we are taking back to ancient China at the height of the period steeped Wuxia culture; a blend of magic and martial arts, stories of legends and wandering Masters, of Wulin heroes on epic journeys. The beautiful landscapes and mesmerising vistas that you will come across on your journey are enhanced by high-quality graphics and emotional soundtracks.

Main Features

- There are a number of different martial art forms to choose from, which can be mixed and matched to develop unique styles of combat is no traditional levels or classes
- The persistent world that continues when you log off, including your own character who becomes an NPC that can be interacted with by other players
- Combat based on real-world martial art disciplines where attacks can be is counter-attacked and used to open up weaknesses in enemies defences
- Lead your own school of martial arts and claim a territory for you and your Guild, defending get from your enemies

Set around the early Ming Dynasty when many Jianghu self-defence martial art forms flourished and huge schools were erected to bring in the people and teach them discipline and focus, which sparked a change across all of China at a period of stability across the central plains.

The Eight Martial Arts Schools

Beggar’s Sect - made up from poor, wondering disciples that have in most cases cast away the material lifestyle in search of a more simple way of living and who will only accept fellow beggars into their fold

Emei - made up solely of female students the Emei is said to be one of the Three Large Doors of Wushu, near unrivalled in power and influence

Royal Guards - stark contrast from the Shaolin monks the Royal guards are cruel and vengeful and seek only power and control

Scholars - often considered the most learned of men and women they are masters of various cultural professions and artistic pursuits, employing them into their martial arts. To join disciple must be capable at Qin-Playing, Calligraphy, Chess or Painting

Shaolin - only taking male disciples it is the task of the Shaolin of upholding law, order and righteousness throughout Jianghu

Tangmen - unfazed by what others think of them a Tangmen disciple often travel alone, secretive and cunning many are unsure where their loyalties lie, though not particularly friendly with those schools of a decent reputation they are neither on good terms with the more merciless sects

Wanderer’s Valley - employing trickery, cunning, poisons and other sinister and secretive techniques they are also Masters of dark chi their acolytes are loathed and often feared

Wudan ¬- belonging to Taoism’s Quanzhen Sect the school makes efforts to aid those who need it, common people and villagers in the hopes that Wudang’s reputation and influence will grow.

Involved Combat
in combat moves are typically divided into three different manoeuvres: Overts, Feints and Blocks, each of which can mitigate one type of manoeuvre but is weaker to the other. As well as this there are also Chi Moves that can be employed so used to buff your abilities or weaken your opponents, but whilst utilising this method a player is open to attacks and so timing is critical.

System Requirement

Min Spec
Processor: Pentium4 2.4Ghz or equivalent
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 6600 or equivalent, 128MB
Internet Connection: 1Mb

Recommended Spec
Processor Pentium Dual-Core E6 or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce9600GT or equivalent, 512MB
Internet Connection: 2Mb


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