Genre: Free to play Fantasy MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Zen Interactive

4Story is a free to play MMORPG where you must align yourself with the chosen kingdom in a land at war where rival kingdoms have long fought to try and bring peace to their land through conquest and domination by ridding the world of their enemies. Explore a vast and unique land, discover untold secrets and embark on an epic journey through time.

Key Features
- kingdoms can fight for occupation of territories, the more territories a kingdom owns gives more choice and opportunity for exploration and seeking out valuable treasures
- an epic storyline will reveal the secret behind three kingdoms as well as dozens of sub quests sending you on fantastic journeys
- travel through time into the future and the past whilst unlocking the mysteries of this world
- discover and unique and legendary weapons desired by all, weapons have their own special options and abilities which can be transferred between weapons creating your perfect weapon
- be a tactical, military mind using the mini map as a commander-in-chief as you monitor the battle in real time and command your troops giving them orders to attack, defend and even ambush specific locations
- players are able to acquire and ride their own mounts into battle

Castle Sieges
Across the land of Iveria there are unclaimed territories that the three main kingdoms will fight over, within each territory stands a Castle which can be claimed in a siege by a single Guild, one Guild from each faction that earned the most points during the weekly realm of the realm battles. Whilst owning a Castle the Guild will earn money from the taxes levied by those citizens within the area and from any trade that happens in the week that they own the Castle.

Using a mercenary system players can opt to participate in the siege battles as a freelance mercenary using their own abilities and items to aid their factions Guilds in defending their Castle, be taken on as a temporary recruit and be equipped with armour, weapons and even skills that are provided by the hiring Guild itself.

Playable Classes
There are six available classes to play from in the game:

The Archer - keen eyed and precise these agile long ranged combatants of mastered the bow and crossbows, though are more than capable in melee combat with their evasive techniques. Their leather armour makes them swift of foot and dangerous in close quarters or at a distance.

The Assassin - using stealth, dexterity and constantly being aware of their surroundings they move swiftly in and out of battle with quick, calculated strikes. Assassins are equipped with leather armour to enable their swift attacks and use daggers and chakrams as their main instruments of death.

The Priest - using powerful holy magic and bestowed upon them by the water Guardian Lekamie, they have the power to protect their companions, heal them and even bring them back from death. Though seemingly weak equipped with cloth robes and armed with staffs these holy men and women can wield their magic in deadly attacks.

The Summoner - able to call forth all manner of creatures and various spirits and command them in battle, they are Masters of the darkness. Using magic wands, magic shields and dressed in leather armour they rely on their summoned guardians to aid them.

The Warrior – Martial combatants who are skilled in bringing death in melee close quarters their balance of offensive attacks and defensive manoeuvres is almost unparalleled, equipped in chain and heavy plate armour they have a versatile range of weapons to choose from including swords, axes, shields and even bows.

The Wizard - arcane practitioners and Masters of magic they even have the capability of transcending time and space and performing terrifying area attacks. Unhindered by armour they channel their magic through various staffs and magic wands.

System Requirement
OS - Win 2000/ Win XP/ Win Vista
CPU - Pentium 4 1.6GHz
RAM - 512 Mb
Graphics – GeForce 4 MX440 64Mb
DirectX - 9.0c


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