Gameforge sandbox game creation platform Cubio

Gameforge sandbox game creation platform Cubio
Gameforge sandbox game creation platform Cubio

Gameforge to publish 01Studio’s full-featured sandbox game creation platform Cubio, offering players limitless possibilities to develop their own games based on the Unity engine

Gameforge, a leading Western publisher of MMORPGs, today announced a collaboration with the experienced Canadian developer 01Studio. 01Studio is currently developing the comprehensive platform Cubio. Gameforge will be the global publisher of Cubio, the innovative sandbox game creation platform that allows players to both realize their own great game projects and enjoy the wondrous games created by fellow community members.

A fully featured sandbox game creation platform, Cubio is aimed equally at experienced and budding game developers as well as gamers. The community is offered an intuitive creator mode, and with just a few clicks, players can create content and realize their very first game projects in dazzling cubic-style graphics, all without coding knowledge. All of the basic knowledge and fundamentals are taught directly via Cubio. On the game platform, the projects can be developed alone or together with other creatives before being shared with the community.

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"We at Gameforge are excited about 01Studio's ambitious project. Cubio is really something special for us. For the first time in Gameforge's history, we are providing a platform together with 01Studio that allows players to develop their own high-quality games and share them with others. With Cubio, we bring so much more diversity to the gaming landscape," says Noemi Feller, Vice President of Products at Gameforge.

"We have always been fascinated by limitless content for multiplayer games and the possibility of players creating individual content without in-depth knowledge. With Cubio, we go one step further; players seamlessly move into the role of developers and develop their very own dream games! We give them everything they need," says Sebastien Couture, Co-Founder and Programmer of 01Studio.

"We are very excited to unveil our platform, which we have worked so hard on for the last few years. With the help of our community, we developed a lot of weird and crazy tools that will let you easily develop any great idea you have in your mind. Thanks to Gameforge for their support, we were able to build Cubio into the full-featured platform we have always wanted," adds Dany Gervais, Co-Founder and Game Designer of 01Studio.

Interested players can now sign up for the Cubio, with more information coming soon on when alpha testing will begin. More details on Cubio will be announced in the coming months.

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About 01Studio

Founded in 2017 by Dany Gervais and Sebastien Couture, 01Studio is a dynamic video game company based in Quebec, Canada, known for crafting unique multiplayer experiences. Originally gaining traction with a popular Canadian Minecraft server called "Citywars Minecraft," they solidified their name with innovative titles like Citywars Tower Defense. These initial successes were characterized by a unique aspect of community-generated content, allowing players a large degree of creative freedom rarely found in the gaming industry. Now, the 15-person studio is continuing its mission of developing and providing multiplayer runtime editor tools that help players to build and customize their own creations, through their latest project called Cubio. Rooted in its early successes and consistent in its vision, 01Studio is truly a standard bearer in multiplayer sandbox game development.

About Gameforge

Founded in 2003, Gameforge is a leading Western publisher and operator of widely acclaimed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and browser-based game titles. Gameforge builds highly active and enduring global communities by supporting players through the greatest quality LiveOps, provision of localized content, engaging community management, and frequent delivery of meaningful updates.
Gameforge’s diverse portfolio of highly successful gaming brands provides different worlds with engaging experiences for players from all walks of life: core MMORPG titles AION Classic, Runes of Magic, and Metin2, beloved anime MMOs Elsword and NosTale, strategy-focused browser games like OGame and Ikariam, along with indie titles such as Trigon: Space Story and Tiny Thor.

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