First Class Update for Rose in Elsword

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First Class Update for Rose in Elsword


Elsword has received a new content update introducing the first class Path for Rose, the brand-new character that arrived to the game a couple of weeks ago. Watch the trailer below to see the two possible classes.

The new classes bring a massive loadout of heavy weapons to the fight. Rose can become a Heavy Barrel or a Storm Trooper. Both classes focus on heavy munitions and massive direct damage, with big cannons, explosives and incendiary cast abilities.

Players will be rewarded with a 50% EXP bonus once they take the role of one of the new classes. And they will also be able to take advantage of a 300% EXP boost for four hours per day (two hours, two times per day).

Here is the video for the First Class Update for Rose in Elsword:

Elsword Online is a Free-to-Play Online Action RPG uses classic side-srcolling game mechanicsin an immersive manga world for PC and Steam.

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