Firefall unveils Titan Battles, High-End PvE Raids


Another game launching on July 29 is Firefall, and today, with less than a week before launch, we bring information, screenshots and video about High-End Content, Titan Battles. Two 20-player instances intended for 20 max-level characters where players must fight unnatural monstrosities known as the Melding Titans.


Wonacott_Red5_Firefall_Kanaloa_3 Wonacott_Red5_Firefall_Kanaloa_2 Wonacott_Red5_Firefall_Kanaloa_1 Wonacott_Red5_Firefall_Baneclaw

The first Titan is Baneclaw, a scarab which has been mutated by the Melding and has grown to
a massive size. Once the second stage of the Devil's Tusk Medling pushback has been completed, players unlock the ability to take on this terrifying and unforgiving Titan. Baneclaw will unleash targeted attacks and numerous hellclaw minions will keep players on their toes as the Titan rolls
violently in and out of the arena.

The second is Kanaloa (for which we have a video), unlocked upon completion of the second
stage of the Devil's Tusk pushback, and known as Kanaloa the Destroyer. Kanaloa is a melded lava worm, living within the confines of the Devil's Tusk volcano, Kanaloa waits to ignite any intruders to its lava filled nest. The lair is littered with elevated platforms that provide ample vantage points for players to rain down fire on the titan at its center.

Watch the video here:

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