Fiesta Online’s Card Collection

Fiesta Online’s Card Collection
Fiesta Online’s Card Collection receives a major update

Gamigo is proud to introduce to its players a major update for the Card Collection System of anime MMO Fiesta Online which brings it up to date to better reflect the current in-game content.

The Card Collection System is an in-game system where players can collect various cards dropped by vanquished monsters. The cards differ from each other according to ranks and the number of stars.

For successfully collecting cards, players are rewarded with items. The rewards vary depending on the cards and the number of cards registered by the player. Some of the cards can also unlock different titles. As long as the cards weren’t added to the player’s collection after having been dropped by the defeated monsters, they can be traded with other players.

More than 60 new cards have been added to the game along with additional rewards and new titles that offer stat bonuses and effects. Can you find them all and get the new fiery Phoenix set?
The new cards include illustrations that are completely new to the game. So you'd better check out the card collections of your peers right now! And to all the collectors out there, it's time to get your game on!

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