Fiesta Online’s birthday

Fiesta Online’s birthday
Fiesta Online’s birthday

Save room for dessert! Fiesta Online’s birthday has arrived here on from Gamigo with new quests, town decorations, server boosts, and cupcake wars and more..

Gamigo invites you to the Fiesta Online birthday celebrations. The celebration runs Aug 1st – September 5th, and includes reactivated and new festivities, special quests and beautifully decorated locations, in addition to a 20% experience boost and drop rate.

Birthday Party Crashers

The Slime Queen’s throwing a birthday party, but it’s been crashed by the greedy Killer Hide who wants the cake all to himself. He’s sent his minions to do his bidding, and we need you to take part in a tower defence battle against them before they steal all the cake.

Cupcake War

Players can take part in an epic 8v8 battle in the Cake Arena, as the beloved Cupcake War Kingdom Quest returns. Throw cupcakes or use the soda cannon to eliminate the opposing team.

Birthday Quest

In a brand-new questline join the Great Fiesta Bake Off. Try not to get any soggy bottoms and bake tasty cakes that will give you birthday themed items, and buffs to aid you in your adventures.

Birthday Puzzle

Earn in game titles by completing sliding puzzle minigames.

Server Boost & Town decorations

Throughout the duration of the festivities, a 20% EXP and drop rate will be activated, and the town will be a chocolate lover's heaven draped in gumdrops and buttons. If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t want to miss this.

Source; Gamigo AG - Fiesta Online

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