Fiesta Online the Maze of Madness

Fiesta Online the Maze of Madness
Fiesta Online the Maze of Madness

It’s spooky season in gamigo‘s anime MMO Fiesta Online,where all major towns will be decorated specifically for this occasion.

In addition, the following events will take place:

• Maze of Madness: Can players beat the intricate maze that Sir Gourd van Pumpkin set up fast enough? If they do, titles and Halloween Reward Tickets wait for them. To get more tickets, they should also consider taking on Bill the Boss who resides in the middle of the labyrinth. And if they’re still going slightly mad, they should take a look at the Pumpkin Pass which offers additional daily quests to obtain even more of those coveted tickets.

• Horror Candy: Halloween is the time for lots of sweets, so this time players can make their own candy in a special quest series. But something isn’t quite right with this candy! Consuming it causes some rather odd effects… Trick or treat, as they say! For it can give players helpful buffs... or irritating debuffs. It can even turn players into monsters. But that candy is just SO tempting, isn’t it?

• Asylum of Madness Collection: Halloween is also the time to showcase the latest costumes, so players can acquire these mind-boggling new clothes in the item shop or ingame.

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