Fiesta Online Free Mount

Fiesta Online Free Mount
Fiesta Online Free Mount

To celebrate the Realm of the Gods update and Gamigo have partnered to offer this Free Mount code Giveaway for Fiesta Online only for the English Servers, if you play on others servers we will post tomorrow on these websites;

DE Servers -
FR Servers -
ES Servers -

• Codes can be redeemed until End of October 2021
• Codes can only be redeemed when the account is 30 days old or older

Players get:

o Mount: Titania (Speed 280)(7 Days)

o Costume: Teva's Lotus Costume (10% Damage)(5% Defense)(5% Crit)(7 Days)

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Step 2. Sign up for FREE or log into Fiesta Online.

Step 3. Click on "Voucher" in you account options on Fiesta Online use the link you see on the code for reedem and create the account.

Step 4. Click on "Redeem voucher" to redeem your voucher. The items will be directly sent to your Premium Inventory ingame.

Fiesta Online FREE Code Giveaway Fiesta Online Code Giveaway here on

Fiesta Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG laced with anime-inspired visuals that offers simple class variety and an in-depth item crafting system. Hailed as the best MMORPG for new players, Fiesta combines traditional classes with simple combat mechanics to create a game that is easy to learn, and fun to play. New players to the MMORPG scene will find no warmer a welcome than Fiesta Online. Players can complete missions, hunt for monsters or take part in epic Kingdom Quests – all together with friends!

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