Faeria About to Leave Early Access

Faeria About to Leave Early Access


Faeria gets its final major content update before leaving Early Access, introducing a few fan-requested improvements, new game content, social features and an "infinite" levelling progression system.

Following the introduction of private lobbies, now it's possible to spectate friends' matches by selecting anyone on the friend list.

The new "infinite" levelling system removes the current cap of level 30. The game now features no upper limit, and there is a new reward system when levelling. Players are shown four cards not currently in their collection to choose from and can keep one. And requirements for completion of daily quests have been reduced.

Additionally, completed quests and puzzles can now be replayed. Also, the Pandora mode has been overhauled, and new in-game animations has been implemented.

Next update will be version 1.0 and the game will finally leave Early Access.


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