Exclusive Khan Wars 7 first video and screenshots


XS Software just announced (on Sept. 5th) a new version of Khan Wars – called “Khan Wars 7: Blood and Glory
Khan Wars is a game that has constantly been evolving for the last 9 years, and with each update the changes have brought more innovative gameplay and layers of strategy to the game. With the latest update of Khan Wars, to 7.0 Blood and Glory, they’re bringing some of the absolute best and most significant innovations that have ever existed in the Khan Wars universe. We hope you’re as excited about each one of these updates as we are, and to make it even more fun they’ve decided to explain their favorite updates one by one via an interview with the head developer. We can’t wait to share with you what else is new in the upcoming version, so be sure and stay tuned for the videos!


Sequence 01.Still001 Sequence 01.Still004 Sequence 01.Still003 Sequence 01.Still002

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  1. TheOneAndOnly September 5, 2014 at 1:42 PM -

    OMG! THAT’S GREAT!!! Good Job guys!

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