Evie Arrives in Paladins

Meet Evie, Paladin's new champion, already available in the Closed Beta with the latest content patch. She is a blue-headed winter witch with high mobility. She can create an illusion of herself, teleport a short distance and, of course, soar above the ground on her staff.

Check out the following screenshots, showcasing Evie:

Paladins Evie character screenshot F2P1 Paladins Evie character screenshot F2P2

The latest patch also includes small tweaks and new cards, as one could expect from Hi-Rez's newest title due to the development strategy. Players can expect to see new champions, cards and gameplay improvements throughout the beta.

The game is expected to be published in 2016, and you should check out our first impressions and our profile if you want to know more.

Source: Hi-Rez Studios press Release.

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