EVE Online Now Supports Color Blindness

EVE Online Now Supports Color Blindness

EVE Online has received a new content update introducing support to color blindness, a few redesigned hulls, some balancing changes and a new in-game event: Rogue Swarm Alert.

As part of the work to improve accessibility for EVE, players can now customize the game to enable support for color blindness. This new feature comes right on time to enjoy the Rogue Swarm Alert event. Players will have to fight high-level AI rogue drones, and they will be able to earn PLEX, skins, skill accelerators and other rewards.

The event will run until June 27. Watch the trailer below.

With this update, the hulls of the Sin, Ishtar, and Vexor have been redesigned. Additionally, balancing changes for Fighters, Nullsec Asteroid Clusters, and Excavator Drones have been added.

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