Elsword’s El Mega Day

Elsword’s El Mega Day

Have El-Mega-Sized Fun with Elsword’s El Mega Day!

Irvine, Calif., November 25th, 2020 - KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG ElsWord, is getting a mega-sized boost with it’s first ever El Mega Day from November 25th to November 29th and will feature the El Mega Pass, Event Exclusive Buffs, Item Mall Sales and more.

ElsWord Official - El Mega Day 2020 videos

The El Mega Day will feature the [Cobo] El Mega Pass which will be free and provide players with powerful buffs like EXP x2, Unlimited Stamina, Drop Rate x2, Physical/Magical Attack Power and more. The El Mega Pass will be free for all players and last one hour at time of purchase. This means for the first time, players will gain the ability to choose when they wish to use their pass allowing them to best optimize their buffs for maximum efficiency.

In addition, there will be a Special Burning Event for the El Mega Day Event with the Varnimyr Raid Drop Rates doubled for the entire duration between November 25th to 29th. The Burning Event will also include an additional 2X Drop Rate event that changes each day covering dungeons such as Add’s Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon, Regular Dungeons and Secret/Heroic Dungeons. This will enable players of all stages in the game to benefit and get their desired rewards.

To further celebrate El Mega Day, there’ll be a special sale for El Mega Day featuring 3 different Item Mall Packages designed to help players power-up further. These Packages can be purchased a limited amount of times due to the significance of the power boost provided and include items such as Ice Burners (Lapis Arbiter) granting you the most powerful costume sets in the game or Chlorite Seeds to further reforge your Amethystine Prophecy armor to be even stronger.

Finally, login on November 28th for a special one-day enhancement event to further enhance your Weapon and Armors to be even stronger and tackle the harder dungeons with ease. During the Enhancement Event, enjoy free Enhancement Materials on login, reduced Enhancement Costs and exclusive Enhancement Packages making enhancing more accessible than ever.

With all these Events, Buffs and exclusive package sales, don’t miss out on Elsword El Mega Day as it runs through November 25th to November 29th. And don’t forget that even with all these upcoming events, Elsword’s Black Friday Sales are just around the corner with additional exclusive sales to continue the excitement and further bolster the El Mega Day Events on November 27th.

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