Elsword unleash the Sheath Knight


Kill3rCombo just released a new interesting class for its side-scrolling action MMORPG Elsword. The new class, called Sheath Knight, is a new evolution for the character Elsword and represent the first step of Elsword Transformation, a multi-months campaign which will bring in to the game a lot of new contents such as a new class for every character.

The Sheath Knight is the first dual-wielding class in Elsword, specializing in lightning-fast melee attacks and relentless combos.  Among the new special abilities for the class is Harsh Chaser, a harpoon that drags ranged enemies into striking distance, and Sword Fall, a flurry of lethal blades Elsword can rain down on opponents. The Sheath Knight’s power stems from a legendary scabbard which Elsword discovers while questing. Choosing to follow the path of the Sheath Knight means entering into a pact with the mystical scabbard that allows you to summon a second sword at will.

Source of informations: Kill3rCombo press release


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