Elsword Season 2 is Here

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and deep customization to bring a unique manga experience to life.
Elsword Season 2 is Here

Elsword Launches Season 2, a massive content update that introduces a complete revamp of Rena and Elsword, new skills, new voices, new animations, new art, gameplay balances, in-game holiday events and a PvP tournament.

Elsword and Rena have been totally reworked, from their visual appearance to the attack animations and their skills. These changes improve controls and the overall gameplay experience. In addition, all those who login as one of these characters will be given a free cube gift every 10 levels.

And all those who login and play as Elsword or Rena for at least 2 hours during December will be entered into a giveaway where you can win mousepads, tote bags, lanyards or Notepads.

This Friday, some of the biggest names in Elsword PvP will fight in a huge tournament where 32 teams of 2 will throw blows using only one Rena and one Elsword per team (the final matches will be Livestreamed on Saturday).

Season 2 also welcomes new English voices. Cristina Vee (Bleach, Sword Art Online) and Nicolas Roye (Naruto, Digimon) lend their voices and this is only the beginning, since we have known that new voices will come.

The attack commands have also been updated to offer a whole new play style. Some of the less used attack combos have been updated to offer players a whole new element of play, and the UI has been updated to make these combo elements easier to access.

Apart from the UI changes, skills that players can learn are now sorted into the respective skills' level requirement. Players can now choose from two Traits for each active skill.

Watch the trailer for the season 2:

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Source: KOG Games press Release.

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