ElsWord new character Laby

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and deep customization to bring a unique manga experience to life.
ElsWord new character Laby EU Servers

ElsWord Update European Version of Anime-Styled Side-Scrolling MMORPG Welcomes New Character Laby and New Quests Today.

Gameforge’s anime-styled side-scrolling MMORPG, ElsWord, welcomes its thirteenth character! Laby -- a mysterious girl with strange powers -- will begin going on exciting adventures with European Elsword players starting ... today!

ElsWord new character Laby ElsWord new character Laby

At first glance, Laby looks super chipper, but she’s actually a pint-sized powerhouse that knows how to cause a stir. Her extraordinary powers let her defend herself against all adversaries in close combat. She also shines in ranged combat. Laby relies on Nisha, a trusted and allied being in the form of a wondrous mirror with its own consciousness, to help her overcome anything in her way.

Check out little Laby in action in her gameplay trailer here:

As Laby, players have the unique ability to make use of “sensitivity points,” which enables the improvement of some attacks and special powers. Elsword players who choose Laby as their character also have access to exclusive new quests and story dungeons that are not to be missed! Future updates are headed to Elsword, bringing class change options for Laby at higher levels.

Source: Gameforge - Elsword

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