Elsword Launches Transcendence Phase 2

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and deep customization to bring a unique manga experience to life.
Elsword Launches Transcendence Phase 2


Elsword has received a new content update: the second phase of the Transcendence update series. This content update brings a complete PvP revamp, a new tournament mode and new skills. Watch the trailer below.

With Phase 2 players get to unlock 1 active and 1 passive skill for each character at level 80. The new skills put a new spin on the combat, adding new passive and active skills in the support categories.

PvP matchmaking has been totally revamped, choosing players better suited, which creates a better PvP experience. A new 1vs1, best of 3 mode has been added. And a new tournament mode has been introduced. Players will get to sign up and participate through the Arena UI. This mode is a league-based tournament in which players can win special items and different stuff.

Check out the following trailer:

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