Elsword Launches First Character Reboot

Elsword Launches Second Round of Character Reboots Elesis, Ara, and Ain Receive Major Updates

Elsword Launches First Character Reboot

ElsWord, Rena, and Eve Receive the First of Major Reboots

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPG's, today announced the start of game-wide, major reboots, beginning with ElsWord, Rena, and Eve. View the new trailer for ElsWord First Characer Reboot here on F2P.com YouTube Channel;

The colossal Reboot kicks off with the first round of 3 characters. However, as the Reboot content schedule rolls out, all 13 Characters and their staggering, combined 40 Job Paths (Classes) will all be effected. These adjustments will impact both PvE and PvP content; adding, revamping, and streamlining attack types, evasion, skills and traits across all Characters and Job Paths, featuring new, dazzling animations.

To start off, the base Attack and Defense attributes for all characters will be normalized. Then, the attack types of these characters will be adjusted to focus on their designated specialty (i.e. Physical/Magic). All skill slots and skill traits of the respective, rebooted characters will be reset. New skills will be added for all Character Paths. Attack commands and the priority of these commands will be readjusted for rebooted Characters.

View all the powerful changes for Elsword, Rena, and Eve here: ElsWord


Character Reboot Event Elsword


Players level 10 and up can test out their new skills, pick up daily and weekly quests, and earn awesome rewards during the Character Reboot Event lasting until July 30. Do not miss out on these limited time events this weekend! Level 10 and up players will receive 3x the experience and unlimited stamina on July 20. Drop rates will be doubled and stamina will be unlimited on July 21.

Elsword Launches First Character Reboot Elsword Launches First Character Reboot

Source: KOK Games - Elsword

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