Elsword Guild overhaul Update

Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up gameplay mechanics and deep customization to bring a unique manga experience to life.
Elsword has just launched a massive update to Guilds, introducing to the game guild bases along with several new features for those who are part of a guild or wish to be, and an revamped Guild UI.

The new interface includes a new guild tab that display connection status, location, and channel info, and an information button/shortcut that shows detailed information on the members and the guild.

Elsword guilds F2P3

From now on, any character belonging to a guild will automatically start in their respective Guild Base (unless they were in a Village or Rest Area). In these new places players can enjoy the following features:

  • Guild Storage - A shared storage where players can deposit items at any time. The Guild Storage Interface also shows the balance of accumulated Guild Coins, as well as the deposit and withdrawal history of each Guildy.

  • Myu's Service - A guild NPC that can provide several services in exchange for Guild Coins. Myu offers a Store, Crafting and Exchange features.

  • Guild Missions - The game now features guild missions, both individual and cooperative, that players can complete in name of the Guild.

Elsword guilds F2P1 Elsword guilds F2P2

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Source: KOG Games press Release.

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