ElsWord Epic Update

ElsWord Epic Update
ElsWord Epic Update

Gameforge publisher of ElsWord;

Expect new places to battle for glory and ways to collect “Epic” rewards in ElsWord Europe now that Update 22.0928 is ready to take you to a whole new battlefield and opens a new store. Gameforge is thrilled to announce that the frosty Blizzard Ruins are now open, and players can meet their rivals on this new battlefield to test their might in PVP. If you’re not feeling competitive, then now’s a good time to take on some Epic Quests to earn some Epic Points (EP) that you can spend in the Epic Points Shop. Don’t forget to also trade in your ED for EP, as the ED Shop is going out of business.

Here are all the major changes coming in Elsword Update 22.0928:

• New PvP Map Blizzard Ruins: Let’s duel! Despite its frostiness, the heated battles on this snowy, ice-covered map are guaranteed to get your blood pumping! Can you get the upper hand over your PvP opponents in the Blizzard Ruins?

• Pick Up Your Points as an Epic Quest Reward: Epic Points can be earned by completing Epic Quests or by exchanging ED for them in the Epic Points Shop. You can visit the EP Shop in the village with the NPC Aranka. Various items can be purchased using EP. The previous ED Shop is being shut down, and items that were offered in the ED Shop are now available in the EP Shop.

• Prepare for Pruinaum Raid Improvements: The “[Story] Pruinaum Raid” story mode requires two people minimum, instead of three. Altar of Dreams’ Berrut, Crazed Berrut, and The Destroy HP are reduced, as are the HP for the Crazed Berrut Ice Pillars and Soul Fragements. Ghastly Spirit King’s Castle’s Hadron, Hadron Doppelganger, and Haivan HP is reduced, and you’ll see a notification when Haivan detonates the Organic Bomb.

• Earn ED from Weekly Missions: You can find these missions in the lower Quest UI area.

• U and I Can Clearly See these UI Improvements: The Character Window and other UI components are being changed to display information more intuitively. There will be a separate interface for Daily Rewards so all information can be seen at a glance. A new tab is being added for daily and weekly quests. Story quests, event quests and epic quests are in the regular quest tab.

• The New Elios Pass Arrived: Earn special EXP by completing daily and weekly quests for your Elios Pass. Everyone gets a free basic version, and you can upgrade to the Premium Pass for even better benefits.

Check out the Elsword event calendar to see all the important events coming up:

• September 28 - October 5: Login Event: Chance for Class Change!
• September 28 - October 12: Improved Pruinaum Raid, Epic Points Shop Event, and Quest Event: A New Quest Each Day
• October 5 - October 26: Festival of Coexistance 2022 and Login Reward
• October 15 - October 23: Elios Pass Event
• October 26 - November 9: Halloween Pumpkin Basket

ElsWord 22.0928 is available now.

Elsword is a stylish free-to-play beat ‘em up that features fourteen unique characters and over 25,000 customization items and personalized outfits. It features both PvP and PvE action and the ability to join with friends in groups and guilds. Master your combos and fight your way to the top of the weekly leaderboards, all brought to life through exciting updates and events.

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