ElsWord Elios Pass begins

ElsWord Elios Pass begins
ElsWord Elios Pass begins

On February 14, the fifth season of the Elios Pass begins on ElsWord. The season will be accompanied by four new events over four weeks, offering players exciting activities and attractive rewards.

Event Overview:

• Powerful Master Pugilist: Designed for level-99 characters, this event allows players to test their strength by punching a machine. Each prize level is available once per character.

• Luck Upgrade Equipment: Collect special points by participating in daily and weekly missions, and exchange them for powerful items which provide support and succour to Elsword’s adventurers.

• Nothing Easier Than Leveling-Up: After creating a new character, players can benefit from accelerated leveling as well as gear and consumables rewarded for reaching certain milestones. Only one character can be created per account.

• Alpha Ice Sculpture Heater Event: This event provides the chance to complete the Nox Venator Ice Sculpture Heater set. Tickets available in the shop can be exchanged for a random number of Ice Sculpture Heaters.

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