ELOA Launches EPIC 2 Content Update


ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance releases today EPIC 2: Outlaw's Emperor, a major content update that introduces a new level cap (50 now), new dungeons, new regions, new honor point items, new store items, a revamped trascendence system, and new in-game events.

The update brings three new dungeons: the Veren Arena, Ruins of Forgotten King, and Paliore's Garden. These dungeons are available for players at the new maximum level, and those who dare to venture will be able to earn level 50 rare items, armor and weapons in normal mode and engraving stones in hero mode.

Starting today and through July 12, players will earn commemorative coins that they can exchange to receive special rewards, such as the Awakened Poron Egg, 7-day VIP service or the Nightmare's Avatar Surprise Box.

Additionally, once they finish the tutorial, new players now will receive level 40 weapons for their classes.

Check out now the trailer:

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