ELOA Elite Lord of Alliance

GENRE: Free to play MMO Role Playing Game


A free to play fantasy RPG Elite Lord of Alliance boasts spectacular graphics and exciting fast paced combat in this story driven MMO. Players will be able to explore a huge world under threat and take advantage of PVE and PVP content as one of five unique classes.


- Fantasy story driven quest content
- 5 Classes available to play
- 4 Unique races
- 3 Battle Stances per class with their own skills
- Earn, level and combine your own pets
- 4 Available crafting skills: Weapons Craft, Armor Craft, Accessory Craft and Alchemy
- Create or join a Guild and earn a Guild Ship
- Free to play


Elite Lord of Alliance offers traditional MMORPG content where players will complete quests, earn XP and level up as the advance through a fantasy realm, defeating challenging, earning rewards and either fighting solo or working together with groups or guilds. The game offers a lot of classic features such as PVE, PVP, Crafting, Pets and Guild housing, making it a fully packed MMORPG with an in depth storyline for players to discover.


The game has 5 different classes for players to choose from:

Blood Knights – These defensive melee warriors are the frontline of any group, with their high defensive rating they can absorb blows and take the brunt of attacks to protect their allies whilst dishing out damage themselves

Psychics – A support fighter able to use their spells to imbue their allies with boosts and buffs to make them more proficient in combat, or use their abilities to hinder and harm their opponents making them weaker

Snipers – Firing at extreme long range the Snipers focus on maximum damage output and control, with an arsenal of weapons and accompanying abilities they can take down their foes from long distances and relative safety

Mages – True masters of the arcane arts, these powerful sorcerers can summon forth the powers of the elements and harness them into devastatingly destructive spells that can be unleashed on an entire area raining down attacks on enemies

Assassin Warriors – Fast, agile and deadly, these melee combatants quickly dash into the fray to deal maximum critical damage on their targets and can quickly evade any incoming attacks, giving them high levels of survivability

Players have 4 races of the Alliance to choose from: Liru, Kartu, Sapien and Naru, each can be male or female and choose any of the above classes, however, Assassin Warriors are always female Naru and female Naru can only be Assassin Warriors.


The game has two built in PVP systems:

Blood Battlefield – a standard battle on a much smaller scale, player can choose to have 1v1 duels, 2v2 team up and even 3v3 or 4v4, to test their abilities against other players.

Honor Battlefield – a more MOBA style battle arena to challenge players, but still allowing them to use their characters and their abilities.

PVE is mostly in the open world as players travel around, packs of enemies can be found at every turn and provide various degrees of challenge. Alternatively players can enter dangerous dungeons and use the Auto-match system to find other players to begin these raids with.


The Pet system is an exciting way for players to find, create and level up their own traveling companions, by picking up an Egg from various locations either as loot, quest items or even purchased from the numerous Pet Trainers, players can trade their egg or hatch them to make a pet. When hatched a new pet is bound to that player and added to their collection, each pet can be individually summoned and will provide the player with different boosts when in combat as well as some types of pets which can be used as a mount to help the player get around. Pets can be levelled up which in turn gives them improved effects for the player, when two pets have reached max level they can be combined to create a new pet Egg.


OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
CPU: Intel Pentium Core i3
HD Space: 3GB
Graphics Card: GeForce 9800 GT
DirectX Version: 9.0


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