ELOA Goes Into Open Beta

The Open beta testing phase for Webzen's free to play animed action Hack 'n' Slash MMORPG ELOA has just begun (official launch is scheduled for November 24). A new trailer has been released. Watch it below!

To celebrate it, the ELOA team is organizing several in-game events. These will include a level-up event and an attendance check event, spanning from the 17th of November until the weekly maintenance on the 30th of November.

The Open Beta will allow players to progress up to level 30 and it introduces the "Mud Swamp Floor" dungeon. During the event, players will also be able to experience the PvP system.

A few weeks ago we published our first impressions on this new title, you might want to check it out HERE. In addition you can visit our profile by clicking the "Info" button below.

Source: Webzen Press Release.

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