Eco City

Eco City is a City building and farming game
Eco City is a Free-to-play game you control an entire City, generate more money of the game buiding houses, roads, factories is a casual game you can play here, published by R2Games.

Eco City then is a City building and farming game.

You control an entire city on Eco City. That means you will face completely different tasks inside the game! Simple ones, like sowing wheat, shipping an order, or deciding which flowers to plant in the park. As well as way more challenging ones, like building a seaport and repairing an entire island. There are always things to do in this game to continue growing and make your city better.

Build houses, roads, shops, factories, municipal buildings, grow fruit and vegetables on a farm, send orders by car, ship or train, decorate your city.

Build the city of your dreams.

Game features:

- nice and simple controls

- an opportunity to play with friends

- hundreds of objects for building and decorating the city

- beautiful graphics

- an opportunity to play for free at any time and any place

- an interesting storyline

- dozens of plants to grow and a variety of recipes to cook new products

- infinite possibilities for business development

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