Echo of Soul 3.0 Update

Echo of Soul 3.0 Update
Echo of Soul 3.0 Update

Massive 3.0 Update Unleashed in Quelle: Gamigo - Echo of Soul. Nearly every game feature tweaked and updated.

Gamigo is proud to announce the release of the massive 3.0 update for its epic fantasy MMORPG Quelle: Gamigo - Echo of Soul. Many of the game’s signature features and systems have received attention from the development team. Players can look forward to tons of new content and updates to some of their favorite game activities.


To begin with, Quelle: Gamigo Echo of Soul;will now allow players to progress to level 99 with new equipment to hunt for in the Kranheim Zone 1 raid dungeon, the challenging Crimson Fortress party dungeon, the Arena of Ordeal party dungeon, and while taking on the Hidden Challenge Tower.

To further empower Quelle: Gamigo Echo of Soul player characters, gamigo has also added the God Stone enhancement system. By using God Stones, players can add bonus stats that can further be improved through the use of enhancement materials. Once player characters hit the new level 99 cap, EXP can be exchanged to open new God Stone Slots.

Other exciting new or updated features include on Quelle: Gamigo - Echo of Soul:

  • The addition of high-level EPIC equipment

  • Pet System revamp

  • Deification Skills added

  • A complete overhaul of the Mission System

  • An entirely new in-game currency system

  • Improvements to the Cash Shop System and UI

  • Balance adjustments

  • Several new convenience improvements

  • The all-new Premium Plus and Premium Buff Service

These and many other exciting updates are now live in Echo of Soul. More details can be found on Echo of Soul.

Quelle: Gamigo - Echo of Soul

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