Dreadnought PS4 First Experience


Last month we got invited to the Berlin offices of Yager, developers behind the new free to play spaceship shooter Dreadnought, for an introduction into their new PS4 version of the game.

In case you don't know this game, you should check out our profile. With Dreadnought, the developers are taking a step away from the classic fast paced space shooter titles, instead they have focused on a slower, strategic combat as seen between huge monolithic ships. These ships are fully customizable in a variety of ways, allowing players to upgrade the fifty different ships spread across five different classes, and tweak them to their preferred play style.

Armed with their ship players are then put into team based battles fighting over objectives as a team of mercenary captains, battling across a variety of maps including low orbit planetary skirmishes and space based stations across multiple modes.

For the PS4 players will be able to experience a Team Deathmatch where users keep respawning as their main vessels and Team Elimination where death as players respawn as a smaller, weaker but faster ship with the winner being the team that destroys all their opponent’s main starting capital ships. A final game mode, Havoc, sees a team of three fighting wave after wave of enemy AI opponents that grow more powerful with each wave; this will be exclusive to the PS4 initially but will see a release on the PC in the future.

The open beta for the PS4 version of Dreadnought will be available at the beginning of Summer 2017, but there is currently no specific date, so keep checking back in and we’ll let you know when it becomes available!

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