Dragon Pals receive a new content update


Dragon Pals receive a new update with new PvP options, flash sale events, new shop capabilities, new dungeons, new items and a brand new cross-server system.

Speaking about PvP, players will be able to enjoy Tribal Clash, a weekly event which will start each Sunday and that will allow the top 50 players in each server's Battle Ranking to battle against players in other servers to win the "God of War" title.

Dragon Pals screenshot (10)Dragon Pals screenshot (9)Dragon Pals screenshot (6)Dragon Pals screenshot (2)

Moreover, there are also new dungeon such as Nighmare Abyss, available from level 60 and a new system which gives Friendship Points by partecipating to Happy Fight, Treasure Hunt and Multiplayer Dungeons.


Source of information: R2 Press release




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