Dive into the Excitement of NosTale

NosTale Act 9 Secrets of the Undercity
Dive into the Excitement of NosTale, Latest Update – Act 9: Secrets of the Undercity!

The wait is over! Today marks the launch of the highly anticipated update for the beloved anime-action MMORPG, NosTale– “Act 9: Secrets of the Undercity.”

The Undercity beckons, introducing a wealth of thrilling content and enhancements for players to explore and enjoy. Additionally, the streamlined level progression of earlier updates will allow newcomers to spend less time catching up and more time enjoying the game with friends during the winter holidays and beyond!

In the festive season, the NosTale team has generously unveiled a special holiday treat for the community! During the latest livestream, they presented a joyful coupon code GAMEFROGE (no, that coupon code is not a typo!), that promises delightful surprises such as 50x Cylloan Spring Water, 5x Experience Potion, 3x Ancelloan’s Blessing, 99x NosMate Guardian Angel, and 3x Fairy Booster for players to redeem once per account.

Embrace the holiday spirit and dive into the festivities with these exclusive goodies – a token of appreciation from publisher Gameforge and developer Entwell to the wonderful NosTale community!

Watch the NosTale Act 9 Secrets of the Undercity trailer here on F2P.com

Here’s an overview of the new content in NosTale’s “Act 9: Secrets of the Undercity“ update:

• A New Chapter Unveiled

Unravel the grand narrative of “Act 9: Secrets of the Undercity” through main and side quests. Traverse new maps, conquer two challenging raids, encounter fearsome monsters, and meet friendly NPCs. Equip your character with fresh gear and experience an enhanced Fairy system, streamlining the journey for newcomers.

• Journey to the Underground

NosTale Act 9 unfolds in an underground world accessible from NosVille Meadows. The Undercity awaits exploration, housing the enigmatic Mullans, a frog-like race. Answer the call to adventure as reports surface of an unknown army emerging from the depths, threatening the Mine Plains near NosVille.

• New Areas and Challenges Await

Act 9 introduces captivating areas like the Invaded Western Mine Plains and the Undercity. Confront the formidable Giant Arma and the challenging Moss Giant Pollutus in their raids for fantastic rewards.

• Enhanced Fairy System

NosTale’s fairy system has received an upgrade, allowing fairies to reach higher upgrade and rarity levels. Introduce some extra tactical diversity with four new fairies boasting different elements.

• New Equipment for All Classes

Expect a wide array of new equipment, including weapon sets, armor sets, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and performance-enhancing items for all classes.

• Winter Fun in NosTale

Engage in a winter raid against Maru, the Millennium Tiger, and enjoy festive activities like riding a magical sleigh with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Keep an eye out for a special appearance by a certain red-clad gentleman distributing gifts to loyal NosTale fans.

Source: Gameforge - NosTale

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