Dino Storm Endgame Update

Dino Storm Endgame Update
Dino Storm Endgame Update

Splitscreen Studios GmbH publisher for Dino Storm new update! for this Free-to-Play Browser MMORPG Game here on F2P.com tomorrow between 8:30 am and 11:30 am UTC+2 time, game servers will restart for a game update to be deployed.


  • Fame will no longer be deducted at the end of the day (no more "volatile fame").

    • There will be one last time that Fame is deducted from each of your ranger's Fame balances when you log in with them for the first time after the Endgame Part 2 update is deployed.

    • Every Fame point you earn will be yours to keep until you choose to spend it on e.g. an application at the Townhall.

  • You can no longer see the Fame balance of other players, and they cannot see yours.

    • Fame points are no longer displayed in the ranger profile window.

  • Gain Fame from customization items during "Combat Fame Time":

    • Fame can be gained from your equipped clothing items for 1 hour of combat time every 24 hours.

    • Combat Fame Time starts automatically once you go into combat mode, doesn't matter if you're doing PvE or PvP.

      • Fame points are continually drawn from your current set of customization items (ranger clothes, dino skin art etc.) and are added to your total Fame balance.

      • The 1-hour timer only goes down while you stay in combat mode. To pause Fame collection, simply stay out of combat until you are out of combat mode.

      • When Combat Fame Time concludes, you will need to wait for it to reset.

        • The reset timer starts with the beginning of Combat Fame Time; CFT resets after 24 hours.

      • Added a small info panel to the ranger profile to inform about how much combat time is left of the current Combat Fame Time, and how much Fame can be gained if clothes are left unchanged.

        • You cannot see other players' Combat Fame Time panels, and other players cannot see yours.

        • Fame values update right away if you change your customization items.

    • "Wear" of clothing items no longer affects item attributes; use Dino Dollars to renew items.

      • We are no longer calling it wear, because your clothes' attribute values are no longer affected by it.

      • The only thing that wears down is the Fame points in your clothes, and only when you use them during Combat Fame Time!

        • The "Renew" button has been rebranded "Freshen up fame" to reflect the change.

        • You can "Freshen up" your customization items using Dino Dollars.

    • Fame output from Sites (Travel Gates and Claims) gets an overall increase:

      • Travel Gates and Claims will now produce Fame items at an accelerated rate (40% faster).

      • New Fame items from Claims are now worth more Fame points when you sell them at the market.

        • Gold tinsel: 35 Fame, up from 30

        • Gold nugget: 70 Fame, up from 40

        • This change is not applied to existing items, meaning stored Gold tinsels and nuggets keep their old Fame values.

New Townhall

  • You no longer need to be in a clan to apply for an office.

  • Applications now require Fame points to be spent.

    • The more Fame points you spend on an application, the greater the chance of reaching the best possible seat in that election round.

    • The amount of Fame points spent on your application can be increased up until shortly before the end of the election round.

    • For each application and each update of an application, a fee in Dino Dollars will be charged, which is based on various factors and increases towards the end of the running election.

    • Your application's Fame points are doubled internally for offices you haven't reached yet.

      • This boost gives you an advantage over the applications from players who had already reached that office before.

    • If your application fails, meaning you do not reach any office in the tier you applied for, 95% of your invested Fame points will be refunded.

  • Applications are no longer submitted for a specific seat, but for one of the three tiers: Street, District or Town.

    • Some basics of Townhall elections remain unchanged:

      • The three tiers' election rounds are independent of each other and have different durations.

      • You can only have one current application in the Townhall. A new application can only be made after the election round in the tier that you applied for has concluded.

      • Each of the three tiers includes four different offices, with the higher-ranked offices having fewer obtainable seats than the lower-ranked offices.

    • The number of obtainable seats is now better balanced between tiers, and it may also change over time.

    • There is now a minimum level per tier that your ranger must have reached before you can apply.

      • Minimum ranger level for applying in "Street" tier: 15

      • Minimum ranger level for applying in "District" tier: 25

      • Minimum ranger level for applying in "Town" tier: 45

    • All seats in a tier will be reassigned with each new election round. It is not possible to keep a particular seat on purpose, so there is no need to worry about seats being blocked.

    • At the end of an election round, the seats in that tier will be awarded to the applicants.
      The application with the highest Fame point value is assigned the best possible seat, i.e. a seat in the highest-ranked office of that tier. The remaining applications are distributed to the remaining seats in descending order according to their Fame point values. This means that it will only be decided at the end of an election round whether and which of the four offices in the tier is reached.

      • It is possible to lose an election, i.e., to not reach any office at the end of an election round. This will happen whenever there are more applications than seats available in a tier, and it affects the applications with the lowest Fame points values first.

      • Only offices that have been previously unlocked by reaching the next lower office can be reached.

        • Offices already reached in the old Townhall do not need to be unlocked again.

        • Offices that have not yet been unlocked must be unlocked in order, as before:

          • "Street" tier: Ranger ▸ Chief Ranger ▸ Speaker ▸ Director

          • "District" tier: Board Member ▸ Constable ▸ Councillor ▸ Governor

          • "Town" tier: Assistant Deputy ▸ Deputy ▸ Marshal ▸ Sheriff

          • You can only reach offices already unlocked for your ranger in a given tier.
            Keep this in mind before you submit your application.

    • Silver Crown rewards are now awarded for successful elections!

      • The reward is granted when a seat is reached at the end of an election round. The size of the reward is based on the office obtained ‒ the highest possible reward is given for reaching the office of Sheriff.

      • Silver Crowns can be spent on special items in Silver Lily's Emporium.

Sheriffs Monument & New Achievements

  • Sheriffs on the monument are now ranked by achievement points.

    • Because individual Fame point balances no longer allow conclusions to be drawn about what you have accomplished in the game, the monument ranking is now based on achievement points.

    • Incidentally, loads of new achievements have been added! See below.

  • The monument now lists the Top-50 active Sheriffs.

    • When players stay away from the game for too long, they are delisted from the monument. Once they return playing, they will of course be listed again.

    • Your position on the Sheriffs monument also shows in your ranger profile.

  • First-time Sheriffs spend three days on the top of the monument.

    • Regardless of your achievement points score, you will sit atop the monument for three days straight when you reach the Sheriff's office for the first time! Following this three-day stretch, the Sheriff with the most achievement points will be back at the top of the monument.

  • A large number of achievements has been added, increasing the amount of achievement points you can gain.

    • Added achievement tracks for defeating certain enemy units. These achievements are linked to your equipment level (highest level from your equipped dino, weapon, implants and tech modules) and will only be counted if the defeated enemy unit is within 5 levels below or above of your equipment level. This information is also shown in these achievements' tooltips.

      • Defeat enemy creatures of a certain type.

      • Defeat certain bandits riding certain dinosaurs.

    • Purchase a certain amount of Clan Dollars for your clan.

    • Spend a certain amount of Silver Crowns.

    • Spend a certain amount of Fame points.

    • Receive a certain amount of Fame items from your clan.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Added T-Rex to the selection of items offered at Silver Lily's Emporium.

    • You do not need to have reached the Sheriff's office in order to get T-Rex.

    • T-Rex costs Silver Crowns and gems (or Silver Crowns and Gold Coins if you want to buy it at the highest level tier available to you).

    • T-Rex is also still listed at the Dino Store, but at the same prices as Silver Lily's.

  • The office icon in the top-right corner of the ranger profile window now does not show your current office, but the highest one that you have reached overall.

  • Mob spawns in Maujak Mountains' level 55 region now rotate between all possible dinosaurs.

    • This change was implemented to accommodate the scope of the new "defeat creatures of certain type" achievement tracks.

  • Improved the way that the "Invulnerable" effect is applied when changing maps:

    • Entering a map now has an initial 15 seconds "Invulnerable" effect that starts while the client is still in the loading screen.

    • When you gain control of your dino and start moving, a second "Invulnerable" effect is applied that runs the usual 5 seconds you also see for "in-map" teleports. This second effect will only be applied if the previous one is still active.

  • Improved dino resurrection handling to ensure no killed units are moving around on the game client.

  • Several other performance and bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

‣ T-Reeeeex!

Q: How can I get T-Rex now!?​
A: You no longer need to reach the Sheriff's office in order to get T-Rex. Instead, you need Silver Crowns and gems (or Gold Coins, if you want Rex at the highest level tier available to you).​

Q: What about Baby Rex?​
A: You will still need the Sheriff's office to purchase Baby Rex from the Traveling Trader.​

‣ Combat Fame Time

Q: Does the Fame on my clothes go down after I finished my daily 1-hour Combat Fame Time?​
A: No, it doesn't! Only during Combat Fame Time, Fame points will be drawn from your customization items and added to your ranger's Fame balance.​

Q: I wasn't wearing my best items when Combat Fame Time started! What now?​
A: You can change your items during Combat Fame Time, and the amount of Fame points that is gained from your items updates right away. You just need to get out of combat in order to be able to change your items.​

‣ New Townhall - Please note that it will not be possible to apply at the New Townhall right after the update is live. Elections are to begin on Saturday, April 22nd, at 21:00 (9 PM) server time (CEST for European servers, EDT for American servers, CST for Asian server).

Q: What about my accomplishments from the old Townhall? Will all of it be gone?​
A: All the offices you unlocked in the old Townhall are open to you in the new Townhall from the start. This gives you a big advantage over new players who have to start at the bottom.​

Q: Can I defend my office in the new Townhall?​
Q: Can I apply for a specific office in the new Townhall?​
A: The seats of a tier (Street, District, Town) are reassigned with each election, and your application is valid for the whole tier, not for a specific office. This means that with each new election you can gain any office that is unlocked for you within that tier. Competition within the tier will be decided based on the Fame that you put in your application.​

Q: Some servers have a lot more people playing than others. Will the new Townhall adapt to this?​
A: Yes, it will! To be more precise: Over time, the number of available seats in the tiers of the new Townhall will adjust to the volume of applicants. The adjustment, however, takes place gradually.​

Q: How am I ever going to become Sheriff when all the previous Sheriffs can also achieve that office repeatedly?​
A: Applications in the new Townhall are boosted internally for offices not yet reached. This means that as someone who has not yet been Sheriff, you will receive an advantage over someone who has been Sheriff before.​

Q: Do I still need to join a clan in order to use the New Townhall?​
A: No! You can apply in the new Townhall just by yourself. There is no more clan requirement.​

Source - Dino Storm - Splitscreen Games GmbH

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