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Dino Storm

Dino Storm Free to Play 3D MMORPG Browser Game

In Dino Storm you start your life with a few coins to your name, a trusty laser cannon and your loyal dinosaur as you make your way into DinoVille in this free to play browser MMO RPG where you can work hard to become the sheriff of the town itself. Take on bloodthirsty bandits, head out into the wilds in search of your fortune, and round up huge herds of dinosaurs. Why not take to the wild frontier and try to tame it by setting up camps, outpost or goldmines and guard them from enemy players!


-       Hundreds of interesting and unique quests

-       Own and train up your very own dinosaur

-       Take on bandits and outlaws as you tame the wild frontier

-       Unique and ground-breaking fame system

-       Next-gen 3D browser graphics


Back in the day the peaceful town of DinoVille was but another hardworking town on the frontiers of the Wild West where its people raised dinosaurs, wrangled wild herds of dinosaurs and crafted and developed futuristic laser weapons. There was little struggle for the sheriff to keep the peace, but all that changed when large gold deposits were found around the town.

Pretty soon adventurers and hopeful prospectors from all around made their way to DinoVille, looking for a piece of the good life, trying to stake their own claims on the reported gold veins that had been cropping up in the north. DinoVille flourished and become a place of wealth where each shop and saloon had its fair share of folk happy to show off their new found wealth.

But where you find wealth earned from the sweat of your back you can bet your bottom dollar that there’ll be someone wanting to take it without working so hard. Outlaws began to come together in thieving bands, forcing the good folk to defend their properties and gold mines should they lose their fortune.

Now you find yourself in DinoVille, so how will you find your fortune? Will you seek out this gold for yourself? Will you make a fistful of dollars fighting against these roving bands of bandits? Or will your turn on those looking to make their fortune and take it for your own?


In the game there are a number of buildings that can be controlled which over time will give a source of fame and fortune, the most common of these being supply camps, goldmines and outposts. Players can vie for control of these buildings to put the profit into their own pockets, defend them wisely or lose them to the opportunistic players who’ll take them from you.


Group together with friends or tackle the world solo, in Dino Storm you are never short of anything to do, excitement and adventure await you outside the walls of DinoVille with a whole host of missions: hunt fossils, gather food, herd wild dinosaurs or take on bands of robbers. Group together to tackle tasks more easily and share dollars and loot with your new companion.


By completing quests and missions you will overtime gain recognition for your deeds and in time may be a viable candidate for becoming the Sheriff of DinoVille. Compete against other player to be the first into office where you can claim special privileges such as powerful items and access to rare dinosaurs. Only one person can be the sheriff, so only those with the time, patience and dedication to climb the career ladders can claim this prestigious position.


Form up your own band or create a new one altogether and team up with your friends, having much needed support to defend your Bands buildings against the threats in Dino Storm. The wild west is that much safer when you have people are your side who you can trust.


OS: Windows
Internet connection


Internet browser


Splitscreen Studios


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