Details about the Housing System in Twin Saga

Twin Saga Free-to-Play MMORPG
Details about the Housing System in Twin Saga


Aeria Games has released new details about the housing system in Twin Saga, the "terracottage". A video has also been published giving us a glimpse at this feature, so check it out below if you are interested.

This interesting feature provides players with a place they can call home with several floors designed to fulfull all of their needs. From there they can fast travel across the world, enjoy the company of their friends, craft and grow different plants.

Players' houses feature a fully customizable main floor in which they can place furniture and wallpapers, and where friends can visit. The remaining floors contain a Worskhop where they can craft all kind of stuff (from potions to gear and furniture), and a Greenhouse, where they can grow different plants for materials.

Additionally, friendly NPCs and battle companions will move around the house frequently offering quests.

Check out the video:

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