Crystal Saga Idle new RPG

Crystal Saga Idle new RPG
Crystal Saga Idle new RPG

Endless Treasures Await in R2Games’ Gorgeous New RPG - Crystal Saga Idle

R2Games is delighted to announce that a brand-new RPG is joining its platform. Crystal Saga Idle is a visually stunning, immersive, multi-genre PC game that combines strategy, roleplay, gripping combat, and immersive storytelling. The gameplay has been designed to allow for a variety of playstyles, with unique character classes, tactics, and strategies. CSI PC game and soon for mobile devices iOS and Android Free to Play game.

Crystal Saga Idle sees its brave heroes confront a realm of magic, mythical creatures, and ancient treasures. Set in a once harmonious realm, the lands have been beset by forces of great evil. It is their heroes’ duty to vanquish that evil while unlocking the secrets of legendary crystals punctuating the fantastical landscape.

Master Formidable Foes

Stepping into the shoes of a fearless hero, players must face a near endless series of powerful foes. From the humble squirrel and nature spirit to skeleton dragons and manifestations of chaos itself, players will have to overcome great challenges if they are to fulfil their fates. Still, these foes pale in comparison to the terrible bosses lurking in the depths of its darkest dungeons. Each will be a test of strategy and skill.

Conquer Perilous Dungeons

Be it the winding passageways of an endless labyrinth or the ancient hallways of a forgotten ruin, secrets and dangers alike lurk within Crystal Saga Idle’s iconic dungeons. Untold treasures said to contain unimaginable power are hidden in these dungeons’ darkest corners, but do not expect them to be easy to acquire. It is in these lost places where the most fearsome bosses have built their lairs.

Join Forces with Allies and Pets

Take relief in the knowledge that you will not have to deal with these evils alone. For hardship breeds unbreakable bonds with loyal pets who will fight with you to the end. Both they and the noble allies who fight by your side come with unique abilities and strengths. Choosing and upgrading their skills adds new depths to combat strategy. Fulfilling your destiny relies on wisely choosing those you adventure with.

Ride in Glorious Style

Harness mighty mounts to speed your traversal across the realms. You will ride with speed, style, and splendour after a finding a mount befitting of your glory. You could saddle up a majestic dragon to soar through the skies or opt for a gleaming white unicorn to show you the meaning of haste. Whichever mount you choose as your noble steed, you will witness the wonders of the world in style.

Choose Your Path

Crystal Saga Idle offers multiple paths to greatness. Will you adopt the valorous mantle of the knight with their Brave Sword and Cross Strike abilities, the mystical powers of a mage who can unleash Balrog’s Hell and Fire Wave, or the benevolent powers of a cleric to unleash Sanctify or Radiant Arrow. Whichever path you adopt, you will find your own route for unlocking your destiny and becoming the legendary hero the realm needs.

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