Crossout goes Into Closed Beta today

Crossout is an MMO vehicle combat game available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, offering players complete customisation in building and upgrading deadly armored vehicles to destroy enemies in open PvP and PvE battles.
Crossout goes Into Closed Beta today


The free to play vehicle-combat MMO Crossout moves today into Closed Beta, introducing a new map and player-created bosses called "Leviathans". Players will be able to design mechanical monsters to fight with other players in PvE battles (controlled by AI).

When a Leviathan wins a battle, its player-creator will receive rewards, and players can withdraw their creations at any time to improve them or to create new ones. These monsters can be created by players who have gained enough reputation and experience with the Engineers faction.

The new map, Founders Canyon, features rocks and remains of giant statues scattered throughout a canyon. Players will have to maneuver and use the environment to their advantage.

All participants of Crossout’s previous tests will get access to the Closed Beta. For players who have not previously tried the game, they can apply for Closed Beta access by clicking on the Play button below.

Crossout features VR (Virtual Reality) support and it will be constantly updated through this phase. Watch the Closed Beta trailer now:

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