Crossout Free Giveaway

Crossout Free Giveaway partnered with Gaijin Entertainment Crossout Winterfair Giveaway

The pack includes:

Rare “Engineer flag” for 7 days

Unique sticker “Bundle of joy”

Paint can: “Player Union”; The flag allows you to earn additional reputation in battle. Only one flag can be installed on an armoured car.

It will be available until the end of January, so feel free to use them.

The codes are valid until End January 2019.

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Step 2. Complete the captcha, then add your email to the field above (beside the “Get Your Key” button). You can only sign up once for this giveaway. If it's the first time you use our system please check your email to validate it and add again the same mail in the field above.

Step 3. Sign-in to your Crossout account or register for an account Crossout Once registered or if you have an account, sign in.

Step 4. Redeem page Click on Activate Code, add code, click Activate.

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  1. Jhonny January 15, 2019 at 6:37 PM -

    Great thanks!!

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